Friday, January 20, 2012

An 11-year-old Muslim schoolgirl has been subjected to a horrific racist assault by a group of older white girls in Surrey just because she was wearing headscarf.

Surrey Police stated that the little Muslim girl who was waiting for the bus was “targeted during a racially aggravated assault” in Sunbury-on-Thames.

The group of suspects had kicked the schoolgirl in the leg and the back and pulled her rucksack off her back before pushing her to the floor. As the Muslim girl was lying on the floor, the white girls drew on her face with make-up and racially abused her, Surrey Police added.

Detective Constable Simon Egan, leading the investigation into the racist attack, considered the incident as appalling where a young victim was subjected to an “unprovoked attack.”

“It would seem that suspects targeted the victim for no reason other than because she was wearing a headscarf and serious offences of this nature will not be tolerated by Surrey Police,” Egan said.

While appealing for witnesses, Egan urged any pedestrians or motorists who saw the incident to come forward as the assault had happened at the side of a busy road in broad daylight.

This was not the first act of violence against a Muslim woman in Britain, but dozens of similar incidents took place on Muslim women because they refuse to take off their hijab. The British government has been running anti-hijab campaign and supporting the spread of Islamophobic agenda in the country to limit the Muslim community.


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[See also: Police appeal for witnesses following a racially aggravated assault in Sunbury-on-Thames | Surrey Police - January 17, 2012]

HAVE I MENTIONED THAT I HATE PEOPLE. Seriously. Privilege is fucked, and we do not live in a post-racist, post-feminist society. Everybody stop fucking dehumanizing each other.

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